We design and manufacture in France fun and decorative toys that illustrate the values of sustainable development.



Our products are designed in France. They are made in Agen, Bordeaux, and in the Paris region .... and all over France.

We develop products that combine traditional local know-how with cutting-edge French technology. 



Litogami employs the staff of the Ateliers d'aide par le travail, in Suresnes and near Agen, for the packaging and management of shipments. We are committed to helping children's aid associations, in France and abroad, by supplying our products free of charge or at cost price.



The toys are delivered flat packed to reduce their carbon cost. They run on solar energy (photovoltaic) and are made of recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests. Printing is certified "Imprim'vert" (non-toxic inks and responsible waste management).


Litogami reacts to COP26

Litogami reacts to COP26

It was COP26! And we are happy to see the world's leaders looking for solutions. But we probably need to act before COP512, right? At Litogami, we believe that big problems can be solved by small gestures acquired as soon as...

The solar greenhouse

The solar greenhouse

A drop of water, a particle of light, and a lot of mystery have, one day, created life on Earth, and, later, triggered the human adventure... To re-establish today this vital link between nature and us (human beings) while preserving the environment, we must...

How to set up your Casagami?

How to set up your Casagami?

 Don't know if you have set up your Casagami correctly? You don't know where to start? We show you the assembly of the Casagami Ile de Ré from A to Z in this video! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at...

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