Maison et Objet, 2016, we met Cyril Paillard, miniatures specialist at Renault; From this meeting, the idea of creating an Autogami in the shape of a 4L was born. Associating Renault's emblematic car and solar energy in an educational and playful spirit seemed relevant; a bridge between tradition and innovation...

Cyril's objective was threefold: to offer a product made in France, for children, to be sold in the Atelier Renault shop on the Champs Elysées; to be able to integrate a different offer in the very rich catalogue of miniatures; and to organize workshops for children.

In order to limit the manufacturing costs and to spread the Renault brand image more widely, Litogami was authorized to sell the 4Ls to our resellers, without any limit, and without any licensing fee. The offer was launched 6 months later, then presented in 2017, at the French Tech Christmas.

In 2019, the collection has been enriched by a 4L La Poste; made on the occasion of the reopening, after 5 years of works, of the Musée de la Poste in Paris. This partnership has been close to my heart since the beginning of the Litogami adventure: for us, the Post Office is synonymous with territorial networking and social links; at a time when letters are becoming electronic, I wanted to contribute, on our hummingbird scale, to the preservation of the postman's round...

In 2021, we will participate in the 60th anniversary of the 4L; to celebrate this event Renault is organizing an exhibition that will be held at the Atelier Renault in July. On this occasion, we will also present a new range.....

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