The famous Librarie Mollat is the largest independent bookshop in France. It was in 1896 that it first opened its doors in Bordeaux. Located in the historic heart of Bordeaux, the bookshop offers more than 180,000 references on 2700m2. They are selected by 55 booksellers, who guide customers through the 18 kilometres of shelving.

Today, this historic bookshop comprises 15 spaces, each with its own specialities, but also a music shop and a gallery. In 2016, the new space in homage to the Bordeaux poet Ausone opened its doors next door to the bookshop.

A long-standing collaboration

Litogami and the Mollat bookshop have been working together for a few years now to sell small Casagami and Autogami to customers in Bordeaux.

Through this collaboration, Litogami is happy to provide an independent bookseller, in an era where purchases are almost exclusively made on the internet, while benefiting from the visibility of such a renowned brand!

A Casagami with the effigy of the Librairie Mollat

So today we are proud to present the Casagami Librarie Mollat. A small solar nightlight with a soft blue light, which lights up after a day spent charging in the sun.

This decorative and experimental solar energy object is designed to talk to children about sustainable development, while offering them an educational and creative assembly experience.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France, in ESAT (Établissement et service d'aide par le travail), by people in rehabilitation in Agen. Our raw materials are recycled and recyclable and are eco-friendly.

 You can find all our products on our website or at the Librairie Mollat!


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