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Litogami designs objects that carry the values of sustainable development: cardboard objects, powered by the sun, made in France in protected workshops, and designed to be sent by mail. We offer you the possibility to personalise our concepts to communicate your values.

Casagami is a small cardboard night light that runs on the energy produced by its amorphous photovoltaic panel. Its new lithium-ion battery is recharged during the day to power a small orange LED in the evening.

Autogami is a small car that runs on solar energy. Simply place it in the window during the day and its polycrystalline solar panel will recharge the Ni-CD battery. A day's charge in the sun provides a range of about 25 minutes at 2 km/h.

Citigami, a brand new concept of cardboard light card powered by ASCA organic photovoltaic film. 18 LEDs blink for more than 5 years, without interruption, without batteries, in daylight or near a lamp. Produced in partnership with the Armor Group.

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