Autogami - Renault 4L La poste - A French design by Litogami

Autogami - Renault 4L La poste

A Litogami realization

Autogami - Renault 4L La poste


Autogami is a small cardboard car that runs on solar energy;

The Renault 4, nicknamed 4L, is without doubt the most mythical model of the Renault brand.

Manufactured from the 1960s onwards, more than 8 million of these simple and practical little cars were produced in 26 countries.
This 4L, built for the French Post Office in 1961, travelled the roads of France until 1995 in both van and saloon versions.
With the 4L Autogami, in partnership with Atelier renault Champs Elysées, we want to pay tribute to this iconic vehicle while imagining it running on solar energy.

It can be recharged during the day and can be driven for up to 25 minutes after a day spent at the window in the sun.

It is intended for children of all ages, over 7 years .

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