Casagami PLUS - Manor

DIY solar toy

Casagami PLUS - Manor


Casagami + is a decorative cardboard nightlight that alternately changes colours. Powered during the day by a 3rd generation photovoltaic film (called "organic", without rare earth or toxic materials, and easily recyclable) made by the Nantes-based group Armor, Casagami + can light up for more than 10 hours.

Like all Litogami objects, Casagami + travels flat in a cardboard envelope.

Powered during the day by an ASCA* photovoltaic film, Casagami + can light up for more than 10 hours when fully charged. To build and decorate with family and friends.

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CASAGAMI's vocation is to talk to children and adults about sustainable development.
Around a small night light to be assembled oneself, a precious moment where we share, exchange on sustainable energies and on the future of the planet. Once built, the small solar nightlight in the shape of a house brings its poetic presence.
Easy to assemble, no glue required.

Made in France.
Eco design


Solar energy / LED light / Recyclable and PEFC paper / Imprim' vert / Solidarity / Delivered flat.
Made in France.

*ASCA, a technological innovation, a 3rd generation solar film, which contains no rare earth or toxic products.

  • mounted dimensions (unit): 160 x 130 x 150 mm (approx.)
  • packaging size (unit): 320 x 235 mm
  • weight: 120 g


. An Asca 5V, 120 mW (outdoor) organic solar film.
. A PEFC/ imprim'vert/ 400g/m2 cardboard sheet.
. A rechargeable LED (NI-MH1,2 V / 0.3 Wh battery).
. 2 brads.

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