Casagami Photo-Luminescent

A Litogami realization

Casagami Photo-Luminescent


99% made in France, this new Casagami works without electronics and
electronics and no battery.
A single exposure to light during the day and this little
and this little photo-luminescent nightlight will light up for about 2 hours.
The time to accompany the child to the land of dreams ...

Four-colour printing on coated cardboard.
Photo-luminescent ink applied in silk-screen printing.
Folded and sent to ESAT.


Total unit weight: 40 g / Net weight: 21 g
Dimensions (pocket): 229 x 162 x 4 mm
Dimensions (mounted): 85 x 65 x 75 mm
235 g Kraft or coated cardboard pouch.
Infinitely customisable in shape and design

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