Casagami Solar greenhouse

DIY solar toy

Casagami Solar greenhouse


An object to draw and build, to carry out, with the whole family, a scientific experiment that shows the amazing powers of water and light on plants.

This do-it-yourself solar greenhouse allows you to grow your own watercress seeds!

The solar greenhouse is an educational and ecological toy for children from Litogami.


Assemble the greenhouse according to the assembly plan (after decorating it if you wish).
Soak the seeds in a saucer for about 15 minutes before spreading the slimy seeds on the hemp mat.
Place the hemp mat on the base of the greenhouse and turn on the light.
During the day, place the greenhouse near the window to recharge the battery.
In the evening, turn on the greenhouse to prolong the beneficial effects of the blue light on sprout growth.
Once a day, take the hemp mat out of the greenhouse and spray a little water on the seeds (not too much so as not to wet the whole hemp mat). Then put it back on the base of the greenhouse.
After a few days the seeds will start to germinate.
Once the shoots are about 6 cm high, cut them off and eat them.

Place Casagami in the window during the day to recharge the house.
Turn on Casagami whenever you want.
5 hours of charging in the sun = 5 hours of LED light.
The "automatic switch-off" system: Casagami switches off automatically if the outside light exceeds 2000 Lux.


Made in France / Solar energy / LED light / Recyclable and PEFC paper / Green printing / Solidarity / Delivered flat packed


House and base in uncoated cardboard made in Indre et Loire from recycled cardboard in France.
615 g/m2; thickness 1 mm.
Printing and cutting done in Aquitaine.
Adhesive blue LED solar module, French design, manufactured in Shenzhen by Green Merit Industries, composed of :
A 22 x 28 mm photovoltaic panel.
A blue LED.
A 3,6 V Li-ion rechargeable cell.
Substrate made of 100% natural hemp fibres. Made and cut in Aix La Chapelle. Dimensions: 7 x 7 cm / thickness 10 mm.
Organic watercress seeds (1g, or more than 500 seeds. Origin Italy. Packaged in Bourges in a PLA coconut fibre bag).
Assembly booklet and instructions for use. Printed in Agen. PEFC cardboard packaging, made in Savoie; printed in Aquitaine.
Folding, checking and packaging carried out in France by disabled people or people in rehabilitation.


- flat: 600 x 150 mm
- mounted: 105 x 97 x 70 mm
- stand: 147 x 175 x 1 mm

Dimensions (packaging): 162 x 229 x 13 mm
Gross weight: 89 g Registered design © litogami 2021

solar greenhouse educational toy

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