Citigami Christmas coloring book

DIY solar toy

Citigami Christmas coloring book


Citigami is a new concept in solar-powered illuminated greeting cards made of cardboard. Blinks for more than 10 years, without interruption, without batteries, in artificial light or daylight, thanks to a new ecological photovoltaic film "Asca "*.
Medal winner at the Lépine competition.

*Asca: ultra flat and flexible organic solar film developed and manufactured in France by the Armor Group, Nantes. A new clean technology that is revolutionising the world of solar energy. Made without rare earth or toxic products.

Solar energy / LED light / Recyclable and PEFC paper / Imprim' vert / Solidarity / Delivered flat.
Made in France.

18 flashing white LEDs. ASCA solar film (5 V)
Made in France
Dimensions: 150 x 210 mm
Delivered in a cardboard sleeve (C5 format)

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