Who are we?

Litogami is a project, an entrepreneurial adventure born in 2011, which has set itself the goal of designing socially responsible ecological objects; playful, educational, decorative, simple design, affordable, and sustainable development values.

Litogami collaborates with companies, associations and institutions, which share our values. We produce most of our products between Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and Agen.

"Solar and solidarity objects"


Made in France

Our products are designed in France.They are made in France, between Agen, Annonay, Bordeaux and the Paris region.

As a creator engaged in "Made in France", we work in collaboration with French companies that master specific know-how and/or develop new technologies. 



Encouraging the integration into society of people in precarious situations or with disabilities, helping students discover their vocation, supporting associations that carry values of solidarity, is an integral part of our raison d'être. Through our products, we seek to convey these values to the public, especially to the youngest.


ECOLOGICAL and photovoltaic

The objects we create run on solar energy; they are delivered flat to reduce the carbon cost of transport. Made of recycled paper or from sustainably managed forests, they are certified as "green prints."

We work as much as possible with local suppliers. 



Casagami is a small solar-powered cardboard nightlight.A "ludo-deco-pedagogical" concept that speaks, smoothly, about sustainable development… cheaply.
To mount, to decorate, to experiment.
"Discovery" Award House and Object Salon


Autogami is a small cardboard car that runs on the energy of the sun. Simply place it in the window during the day to recharge: a day of charging in the sun gives you a battery life of about 25 minutes.S
ilver medal at the 2016 Lepine competition.


A new concept of flashing light card, made of cardboard, powered by a new generation of organic, eco-friendly solar film, manufactured in France.
Exposed to light, it flashes for more than 5 years, without interruption, without any battery



Situé à Suresnes depuis 2016, l'Atelier Litogami est un lieu de conception et d'expérimentation. Toujours à l'affût des nouvelles technologies et des nouveaux matériaux écologiques, c'est ici que nous concevons nos gammes de demain.

The founder

Marc Lebas, designer of objects since 95, launched Litogami in 2010 …

Among the questions at the origin of his project
: How to talk positively about the future to the youngest?
In the digital age, and tons of waste to be treated, what is the end of a new tangible object?
How can an object promote imagination, exchange, transmission?
How can the values of sustainable development be passed on to children?

Casagami, then Autogami, then Citigami, … each, in their own way, a facet of this reflection… and with the ambition, always, to make it simple.

They talk about it…


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